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Mentor-Mentee Agreement

The mentoring agreement form should be developed and signed during the first mentoring meeting. This agreement form serves as a reminder that both the mentor and mentee are voluntarily entering into this partnership.

The following agreement is made between ______________________ and _______________________. We are voluntarily entering into this mentoring relationship which we both want to be a productive and rewarding experience. To minimize the possibility of confusion, we have agreed to the following:

Confidentiality. All information and content shared between the Mentor and Mentee shall be confidential.


Expectations. It is expected that the Mentor will provide educational and developmental advice and guidance, and both parties will work together to identify the Mentee’s personal and professional goals, as well as developing a plan for achieving those goals.It is also expected that Mentors and Mentees will follow all expectations that are established between the mentor and mentee.

Meetings. The Mentee and Mentor will meet and talk at least ________________ at a time and at a place that is mutually agreed upon.Meeting times, once agreed, should not be cancelled unless this is unavoidable. Meetings that are cancelled should be rescheduled. At the end of each meeting, we will agree on a date for the next meeting.


Each meeting will last a minimum of _________ minutes and a maximum of _________ minutes.


Length of Relationship. Mentoring relationships vary in length depending on circumstances. Our goal is to maintain our relationship for ___________________________________. However, either party has the option of discontinuing the relationship for any reason provided the terminating party notifies the other.


Additional Agreements.


We agree that the role of the Mentor is to:  _________________________________________________________________

We agree that the role of the Mentee is to: _________________________________________________________________


The Mentor agrees to be honest and provide constructive feedback while sharing insight on their own experiences as well. The Mentee agrees to be open to feedback that the Mentor shares and will respect the insight and experiences shared by the Mentor.

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