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  • Brush up on core business skills with access to online training courses that will enhance your professional development.

    • Business Planning

    • Creating a roadmap

    • Demand forecasting and capacity management

    • Business statistics

    • Inventory management

    • Business Ethics

    • Moving forward with change planning

    • Management of value

    • Strategic product and service management

    • Performance metrics

    • Six Sigma techniques

    Much more available and regularly added

  • Learn how to meet your legal obligations and protect your business by going over important workplace policies and standards.

    • Apply safe work practices 

    • Ergonomics

    • Internet and email policy

    • Employee dismissal

    • Mandatory data breach reporting

    • Code of conduct

    • Open disclosure/continuous disclosure

    • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

    • Conflicts of interest

    • Bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment

    • Managing workplace information

    • Safeguarding mobile devices

    • GDPR

    • Privacy and data protection

    • Information security awareness

    • Social media in the workplace

    • Aged Care compliance

    Much more available and regularly added

  • Obtain the knowledge and skills that you need to deliver good customer service.

    • Quality customer service skills

    • Point-of-sale handling procedures

    • Building rapport

    • Internal customer service

    • Developing a customer service strategy

    • Customer service in Aged Care

    • Customer success and growth

    • Handling customer complaints

    • Service gap analysis

    • Keeping customers informed

    • Meeting customer needs

    • Operating retail technology

    • Working effectively in a retail environment

    Much more available and regularly added

  • Become more confident by learning the basic finance skills, creating your own reports and balancing the books.

    • Key accounting concepts and principles

    • Basic accounting concepts for non-financial professionals

    • Preparing financial statements and closing accounts

    • Recording, posting, and balancing the books

    • Comprehending financials: a guide to financial statements

    • Xero

    • Stockbroking/share market

    • Finance and the law

    • Presenting financials

    • Analyzing financial reports

    • Understanding balance sheets

    • Debt and equity

    Much more available and regularly added

  • Being a good manager requires ongoing efforts and learning. Explore topics on how to provide feedback, effective decision making, performance management and others.

    • Essential management skills

    • Managing remote teams

    • Managing diverse teams

    • Creating a plan for performance management

    • Managing motivation during organizational change

    • Managing Generation Y

    • Accelerating goal achievement

    • Management for the Aged Care industry

    • Building trust with employees

    • How to manage difficult conversations

    • Inform and inspire your team

    • Managerial listening skills

    • One on ones with your boss

    Much more available and regularly added

  • Gain confidence with new computational skills that will help you improve efficiency and productivity plus, opening new job opportunities.

    • Secure document sharing with mobile devices

    • Configuring devices

    • Cyber security awareness

    • Wordpress for web development

    • Programming for beginners

    • Intro to web development (CSS, Javascript, HTML)

    • Managing big data in your organization

    • Protecting against malware

    • Strong passwords

    • Two-factor authentication

    • ITIL service management

    • Google drive

    • Salesforce Lightning

    • Digital collaboration with Office 365

    Much more available and regularly added

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