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Promote Your Scholarship for African American Men

Higher education is one of the most coveted privileges amongst today’s high school seniors. But unfortunately, many African American students who attend colleges and universities must receive student loans to help offset high tuition costs yet still graduate with significant debt. Given the racial wealth disparity between white and Black families, roughly 85% of Black Bachelor’s degree recipients carry student loan debt, compared to 69% of white bachelor’s degree recipients. The difference in percentages amounts to Black graduates owing, on average, almost double in student loans, $56,000, compared to their white counterparts owing $28,000. 

Further, “[a]ccording to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 36% of Black male students completed a bachelor’s degree within six years,” a stark contrast to the 63% of white males who graduated with a bachelor’s degree within that time frame. And that number is so low due to Black students often having to work full-time jobs to pay for tuition. Therefore, scholarships for African American males are crucial in closing the college and university enrollment equity gap. And although college students receive financial aid based on their family’s individual needs, it’s usually not enough to supplement the increasing tuition costs. Scholarships rewarding academic achievement ease the burden of student debt and provide matriculating college students with hope and increased chances of pursuing and earning a degree in higher education. 

The Jerome Burke Foundation is looking for additional scholarship opportunities rewarding academic achievement to provide young African American males pursuing higher education. If your business or organization offers scholarships, please leave your information, and we will promote qualified candidates.


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