The Foundation provides a mentoring program designed to cultivate meaningful relationships and opportunities for young African American men. Our mentors offer valuable support and guidance as mentees navigate their careers, and mentees receive feedback about personal and career growth, and together a lifelong relationship is created.

Mentoring is a unique partnership between two people based on a commitment to the mentoring process, common goals/expectations of the partnership, and mutual trust and respect. Mentoring is a "get and give" experience to provide a rich and rewarding experience for both partners.

To apply, click the role below that fits you best:

  • Shares subject matter expertise

  • Feels a sense of accomplishment and professional validation when chosen to serve as a mentor

  • Demands higher-level thinking

  • Serves as a positive role model to a young African American man

  • Learns something new about self from the mentoring experience

  • Learns from the mentor's experiences

  • Values and appreciates the mentor's insights, guidance, and advice

  • Receives important feedback about personal style or career skills that may not be shared by a direct supervisor

  • Experiences a sense of accountability to a trusted advisor

  • Expands critical thinking about self, career, and the organization