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The Jerome Burke Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the African American community by improving the economic opportunities of African American men through scholarship, mentoring, and entrepreneurial support. The Foundation partners with nonprofit organizations whose mission is to optimize the innate strengths of the African American community.


The Foundation provides scholarships to young African American high school males who are accepted to accredited colleges, universities, or trade schools and provides a mentor to those seniors for their freshman year of college. 


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The Foundation provides a mentoring program designed to cultivate meaningful relationships and opportunities for young African American men. Our mentors offer valuable support and guidance as mentees navigate their careers, and mentees receive feedback about personal and career growth, and together a lifelong relationship is created. 


The Jerome Burke Foundation has a Training Program dedicated to African American males. Our on-demand video courses will help them build skills in Business, Finance, IT, and other areas to learn the necessary to start a career in those fields.


Make a donation on behalf of someone as a unique way to honor a special person that has made an impact in your life.

Your donation can make a difference on someone's life and help those that need it the most.


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We thank you for your generosity through your selfless act of kindness and your passion for helping others.

Donations can be mailed to
Jerome Burke Foundation
P. O. Box 7882, Westchester IL 60154 

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