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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. 

- Nelson Mandela

Black college graduates have higher debt loans, on average than their counterparts. In addition, black college students are less likely than their white peers to receive tax-free gifts from their parents and grandparents. A study examining financial transfers of at least $10,000 in Black and White families between 1989 to 2013 found that only 9 percent of Black households received such a grant, compared with 32 percent of white ones.


Below is the average cost of tuition, and these figures do not include additional expenses ranging from books and supplies, housing, transportation, and meal plans.


The Foundation provides scholarships to African American Males with the hope of reducing the racial wealth gap among African American Graduates. As of December 2021, the Foundation has given out $11,000 in scholarships. Help JBF bridge the gap by donating today!