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AI Empowerment: Unleashing Creativity and Learning with ChatGPT




3 Weeks

About the Course

The "AI Empowerment: Unleashing Creativity and Learning with ChatGPT" course presents an exciting opportunity for high school students to delve into the world of AI language models. This innovative curriculum is designed to equip participants with the skills to effectively interact with ChatGPT, enhancing their creative expression, problem-solving abilities, and academic performance. Through engaging sessions, students will learn to harness the potential of AI while cultivating responsible and ethical digital citizenship. The Jerome Burke Foundation firmly believes that this program aligns with its mission to provide transformative educational experiences. By supporting this initiative, the foundation aims to empower students with the tools they need to navigate the digital landscape effectively, ultimately fostering their personal growth and success in an increasingly AI-driven world.

The Jerome Burke Foundation recognizes the immense value of introducing high schoolers to responsible AI usage. In an era marked by technological advancement, it is imperative to equip young minds with the skills necessary to navigate AI tools effectively. This program aligns seamlessly with the foundation's commitment to providing accessible, high-quality educational opportunities to communities. By offering students the chance to engage with AI in a meaningful way, the foundation believes it can catalyze their academic growth, encourage critical thinking, and promote a mindful approach to technology. Through collaboration with the library, the Jerome Burke Foundation envisions a dynamic partnership that not only enriches educational offerings but also empowers the next generation to thrive in a digital age.

Join us for an engaging and transformative educational experience with our course, "AI Empowerment: Unleashing Creativity and Learning with ChatGPT." This dynamic program is designed to equip high school students with essential skills to effectively navigate AI technology while fostering creativity, problem-solving, and responsible digital citizenship.

Course Highlights:

  • Understanding ChatGPT: Delve into the basics of AI language models, their capabilities, and how they learn from data.

  • Practical Applications: Explore how ChatGPT can assist in brainstorming, learning difficult subjects, coding, and more.

  • Effective Communication: Learn tips for asking questions and interacting with ChatGPT for optimal results.

  • Designing AI Prompts: Master the art of creating effective prompts to get the responses you need.

  • Ethical Usage and Pitfalls: Understand responsible AI usage, avoid misinformation, and steer clear of potential pitfalls.

  • Online Safety and Privacy: Discover best practices for maintaining online safety and protecting personal information.

Course Details:

  • Duration: One hour per session

  • Frequency: Saturdays

  • Who Should Attend: High school students seeking to enhance their creative expression, problem-solving, and digital skills.

  • Presented by: Jerome Burke Foundation - Committed to providing transformative educational opportunities.

  • Collaborating Partner: Jackson Blvd Church of Christ - Joining hands to empower the next generation responsibly.

Don't miss this chance to explore the exciting world of AI in education and beyond! Enroll now and be part of a journey that combines innovation, learning, and responsible AI usage. Contact us for more information and registration details.

Your Instructor

Salena Burke

Salena Burke

The course is taught by Salena Burke, President of the Jerome Burke Foundation. With a remarkable background in Computer Science and Information Systems, Salena brings a wealth of expertise to the learning experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Loyola University and holds two master’s degrees in computer science and information Systems from DePaul University. Currently, Salena is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and academic excellence.
Salena's impressive academic journey, combined with her extensive professional experience, equips her to guide students through the intricate world of AI language models. Her leadership role within the foundation underscores her dedication to transformative education and empowering the next generation. As an instructor, Salena fosters an engaging and enriching environment where students can explore AI, enhance their creative abilities, and develop responsible digital citizenship. Join us for a learning journey led by a trailblazer who is dedicated to shaping the future through education and innovation.

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