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Our Mission

The Jerome Burke Foundation is steadfast in its commitment to uplift the community by improving the economic opportunities of African American men. We focus our efforts on three key areas: scholarship, mentoring, and entrepreneurial support, aiming to create an empowering environment for individuals to achieve their full potential and positively impact society.

Why Join Us?

Make a Lasting Impact: Your involvement is crucial in changing lives by providing African American men with the necessary tools and opportunities for success.

Connect and Collaborate: Be part of a community that values collaboration, learning, and shared growth. Exchange ideas, offer support, and work towards common goals.

Develop Skills and Leadership: Engage in initiatives that promote personal and professional growth, enhancing leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Stay Informed: Receive regular updates about our community's progress and success stories.

Be Part of a Movement: Your support helps us expand our reach and deepen our impact, fostering a brighter, more equitable future.

Board Membership:
Joining the Board of the Jerome Burke Foundation is a volunteer position without compensation. It offers a unique opportunity to make strategic decisions and guide the foundation towards achieving its mission. Board members meet on the 2nd Saturday of the first month of each quarter, ensuring effective governance.

How to Join:
Becoming a member of the Jerome Burke Foundation is straightforward and rewarding.

Fill out the inquiry below, and an application link will be sent to your email.

Together, let's forge a path of opportunity and success. Join the Jerome Burke Foundation today!

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